Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Focus

It is well known by those closest to me that I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.   It isn’t that I don’t think well intended goals and plans are useful.  It is that most New Year’s resolutions are not much more than wishful desires to change the things we have very little ability to change about ourselves.   The result is often a futile endeavor to change our life from the outside in.  Instead, we must find ways to change the inside first and the rest will follow.

I have found that if I set up some New Years value statements, that steer my direction and lift my focus, I end up achieving marked change at the end of the year. You could call them “encouragements.”  I determine not to drive myself crazy focusing on specifics.  In other words, I refuse to sweat the small stuff!

For me personally, I have found that I can’t compartmentalize my vocation and my personal life.  Who I am essentially will determine my success as Father, husband, family member, friend, and leader.  So my value statements normally cover both my life and my vocational ministry.  You may have better success trying to compartmentalize, but it has not worked for me. 

I’ve listed my 2012 encouragements below and included 2 specific goals for my ministry.  I hope they encourage you to find similar statements that will guide you upward in the year to come.

What you won’t find listed (even though they exist) are the corresponding truths from God’s Word that support these statements.  If you do come up with a list like this, I would challenge you to attach multiple scriptures to each one, and mediate on those daily. 


·      Continue to build even when growth isn't evident.
·      Maintain overall healthy relationships.
·      Invest heavily in areas of immediate influence; let it ripple out from there.
·      You are called for such a time as this.
·      Manage tension don't receive it.
·      Put people at ease.
·      Lead from your strengths.

Goals as Worship Pastor
·      A Singing Church
·      Renewable, well equipped teams.